Tierra Whack Releases Fresh Cut ‘Dora’

New track channels ‘90s kid’s shows in which a playful video, directed by Alex De Corte, utilizes stop motion and animation.

The art of music video is resurrected again by Tierra Whack in this colourfully bold visual. Watching the video for ‘Dora‘, you will no doubt pick up references to ‘90s board game Monopoly and plastic play food as well as the song’s adventurous playtime ‘Rugrats’ style beat.

Director Cortes provided a comprehensive explanation for the video: “Tierra and myself still feel it is urgent to find a way to speak to our feelings through music and pictures. Thinking of the ways in which Aretha Franklin, Fred Rogers, and Jim Henson navigated the world through good times and bad times with determined positivity was deeply inspiring to me during the making of this video. To make Tierra laugh was in some ways the best I could do on the hardest of days.”

Venting a relaxed flow over crayola beats, Whack proves she is anything but and effortlessly demonstrates yet another facet of her creativity.

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