Piers Morgan’s Walkout Is A Small Win, But May Give Licence To Nationalists

The presenter, known for his controversial comments has given licence to carriers of xenophobia.

The former editor of the tabloid newspaper The Sun walked off of Good Morning Britain yesterday later confirming he had left the show. Though it was widely applauded for many reasons, the ramifications of his actions might prove to be an example to racist groups instead.

His subsquent tweets in the wake of an exit further underline examples of aiding nationalist current of colonial mentality. Morgan later tweeted that he was the victim of racism in a tweet regarding his actions saying: “Can all the Meghan/Harry fans currently abusing me with stuff like ‘shut the f*ck up white man’ please stop trying to silence my voice with racist bullying. Thanks.” His response to Meghan Markle‘s experiences of dealing with the press in what both her and Prince Harry refer to as “the firm” and the “the institution” will only galvanise the actions and beliefs of a group of people intent on causing harm to people of colour.

His walk-off, though a win will serve as a retaliatory example for those who are embedded within a xenophobic and prejudice culture radicalised by news media, giving them the licence to walk away from constructive discourse.

His next moves will be difficult for BAME people as he may shift to another toxic high profile role, such as the proposed right-wing GB News headed by Andrew Neil. Whatever happens next, both society, social platforms and government must do more to disrupt the frequency of racist propaganda, views and the encouragement of it. Which sadly, the aforementioned has been a silent cheerleader for.

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