Russia Says Troop Build Up “Doesn’t Pose Any Threat”

Kremlin says build up of troops on border do not pose a threat to Ukraine.

Following a heated exchange of words with western states, the Kremlin has said the build up of troops along its shared border with Ukraine are not a threat to its sovereingty.

British Foreign minister Dominic Raab said on twitter: “I reaffirmed UK support for Ukraine’s sovereignty & territorial integrity in my call with (Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba) today,”

President Biden had said the United States “stand shoulder to shoulder when it comes to preservation of our democracies.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: “We, the European countries, and all the countries of the world would not want the civil war in Ukraine to ignite again as a result of the provocations and provocative actions of the armed forces of Ukraine.”

“It shouldn’t bother anyone, it doesn’t pose any threat to anyone. The Russian Federation is taking the necessary measures to ensure the security of its borders….”

There has been a ceasefire in effect since 2015 between Ukraine and separatist forces, though violations have continued with violent skirmishes and fire fights a regular occurrence.

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