“We Don’t Know Exactly What They Are” – Pentagon Report On UAPs To Be Disclosed Next Month

For years there has been denial of the existence of UFOs now classified as UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena). But now, the US government appears to be edging closer to what many are calling disclosure.

In 2017, former Pentagon official Luis Elizondo declassified and leaked authentic footage of aircraft that the US government were unable to identify sending the world into overload with talk emboldening the existence of extraterrestrial life. The US government says no one was meant to see the footage and that they were forced to confirm they had no clue what they are.

Elizondo was in charge of a black money project titled the ‘Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Programme‘, or ‘AATIP‘ for short which was furnished with $22 million to research.

The story was first broken by the New York Times who uncovered a black money programme investigating aerial threats. But they had no clue the threats being probed were unidentified flying objects powered by unknowns. The data collected has since been verified by radar data in separate incidents with sometimes as many as 14 objects surrounding USS aircraft carriers.

Three videos were declassified that included footage of objects passing through Earth’s atmosphere, toying with Navy aircraft and reaching speeds of 13,000 miles per hour with abilities that defy the laws of physics.

What’s more, is that pilots witnessed how the unidentified objects changed course without preparation, maintaining the same 13,000 mph speed maneuvering at sharp 90 degree sometimes 180 degree angle turns. The objects were believed to have reached an astounding 600 gravitational force equivalent (G force). If humans were to pilot what have now come to be known as unidentified aerial phenomena, the same force would have fatal consequences. Humans are able to handle a maximum of a 9 gravitational force equivalent before encountering negative physiological effects.

“It jumped from spot to spot, and tumbled around in a way that was unpredictable. The whole time we’re on the radio with each other just losing our minds” says Lt Cdr Dietrich who spoke on 60 minutes (below) about what she and her team witnessed.

Luis Elizondo, former head of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) says he has come across so much footage and that he cannot draw any positive identifications. The three that impressed him most, and that he declassified for public consumption before leaving the programme are below including the now famous USS Nimitz encounter. Elizondo also confirmed that the objects were also able to submerge underwater and also travel through space.

The program was disbanded in 2012 but has since been reinstated, renamed as the UAP task force who are charged with compiling a report to congress due next month. It is expected that the report will finally reveal an idea as to what the pilots were witnessing.

The report, due to be published June 25th is being watched closely by many and has created much anticipation and intrigue, especially from the scientific community who are eager to assess the data.

Senator Marco Rubio, who has pushed for the report to be prepared and disclosed to the public said: “I want us to have a process to analyze the data every time it comes in. There (should) be a place where this is catalogued and constantly analyzed until we get some answers. Maybe it has a very simple answer. Maybe it doesn’t.”

There are many in the extraterrestrial theorist community that believe the report may not rule out the possibility of intergalactic life, but rather offer a form of “soft disclosure” without confirming the possibility either.

Senator Harry Reid said it’s a “punch to the ego” to know there are other forms of life in the universe. He also said that he believes parts of crashed extraterrestrial technology could be in the hands of some defense contractors. Former President Barack Obama recently confirmed the existence of documents and footage that the US government are unable to explain including reports of objects in the sky that are neither domestic or foreign made.

There is skepticism though, as some believe the report may be a whitewash that will leave out important information and quite possibly use military intelligence reporting techniques that include redacting crucial and non crucial information used to confuse and reduce insight.

What is for certain, is that there is definitely something going on up in the skies.

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