Nia Wyn’s Soft And Noble Track ‘Georgia On My Mind’ Is The Ballad Of Ballads

Soft and easy track opens new doors through Wyn’s own genius.

Georgia on my mind’ is Nia Wyn’s rendition of the classic Jazz song by Ray Charles. Wyn glides through the track giving us little to do but listen and take in the harmonies of an old classic with a pinch of her own new style. The result? Wyn makes it her own masterpiece.

The artist said: “This is definitely one of my most loved jazz songs – my favourite version is probably by Ray Charles. The song makes me think of coming home after being away for a long time. I picked this shot of my two cats Homer and Bobo for the cover, because they symbolise those feelings and that special place.”

Wyn is currently preparing to go on tour with the legendary Paul Weller in 2022.

Listen below:

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