‘FOOL’ by Georg’ Estelle is a gentle ballad for the mind

Released on April fools day, we didn’t want to chance it.

But it turns out we were the fools for delaying the publication of an intimately colourful body of work that spills beautifully across the artist’s canvas.

FOOL, by Georg’ Estelle pursues a ruminating barrel of instruments in an eclectically arranged queue of harmony. Estelle’s vocalisations fortify a tremendously written piece of music, with lyrics to plate her delivery bound for nothing short of impressive.

Documenting her emotions through a letter she wrote inspired by a period of hurt, Estelle contemplates the complexities of processing loss through song by allowing herself to liberate one’s thoughts.

Speaking of the track, Estelle says: “This song came straight from the heart, I was hurting at the time and I was angry with the person who lied to me. I used all the emotions inside me to write a letter to him and to myself in an hour or so, the pen really took over my body. I love performing this song because I know there’s always someone who can relate. But this is no melancholic song, it’s about taking the lead and saying “goodbye” to what’s not good for you anymore.”

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