Dvnz delivers a masterclass on debut EP ‘Zo Way’

Dvnz started a new template for how to be a better rapper and followed through with an even better example.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Dvnz has been floating around the scene for quite a while now with an impressive skill that, in our opinion, few can touch. His unique vocalised sound and remarkable penchant for musical construction via talent that is still under-appreciated should be noticed more. But, maybe things are about to change.

Opening with ‘Introduction‘, Dvnz carefully delivers a well-choreographed one-verse melody. Introducing us to the ‘Zo life’, there’s an artful manner in which the London-based artist supplies his lyrical storyline in tandem with a beat that feels more soulful than the catalogue of tiresome tracks currently on offer on the market.

On ‘Patient‘, the EP opens with atmosphere through strings and snares that once again sound exactly like something the artist would pick, with vocal ideas gestated to maximum effect. Dvnz echoes the EP’s anthem ‘No Kizzy‘ throughout both songs while continuing to reinvent himself. Though laid back, ‘Patient’ feels both club banger and at the same time, something you could unwind to.

There is a thread of uniform throughout ‘Zo Way‘, as each song shares its DNA from beginning to end, with incredible production that has had care gifted to it from its creators.

Once we reach ‘No Kizzy‘ there is no surprise in its reception given there is a reason this track has been touted as the flagship song of the record. Filled with therapeutically discombobulating violins and a hypnotically charged soundtrack, there is no excuse for disliking it, given it compromises with the many different angles of Hip-Hop & Grime to formulate something everyone can appreciate.

HOMH‘ sees another collaboration between Sol. C and a tasteful use of autotune. Dvnz kicks in with a balanced array of verbal force before ‘Motion‘ begins, a slow ballad documenting the trials of industry hardships correlating with life’s misfortunes and is a stand-out track appropriate for the outro of this record.

Ultimately, ‘Zo way‘ is an impressive outing for an artist who has found his way but is yet to receive acclaim for what he does. There is no doubting Dvnz’s skill, and his style augments a well-curated selection of beats and musings.

While many artists in the game sound tired, rushed or simply replicate that which has come before them, Dvnz has, no questions asked, snatched the title for grand high rapper.

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