The short one: climate bill is not a victory nor the end of the road

The media continues to claim victory just as they did in 2016. But we all know how that went.

While politicians hail what they claim is a victory, the world is still burning. Spontaneous combustion and record temperatures continue to combine to overthrow normality in what many still refuse to label a climate emergency.

Just as parties and acclaim were heaped on the 2016 Paris accords, the US climate bill has been lauded in the same vein. Though, the only attributes they share are the possibility of empty promises.

How do we exact the completion of guarantees without a plan? This bill, though promising in presentation, is nothing but that. Without agreed-upon timelines or trustworthy organisations to share the proceeds of such a whopping figure, how can we be sure it will be put to good use?

What we don’t want, is for this to be distributed among the already deceitful oil and gas corporations responsible for creating the crisis, who, we are fairly sure will come out unscathed from such a tormentful point in history.

The world always looks to the US as an example to see where things are headed. I think it’s high time the political hierarchy begins to carve its own path and retrofit solutions needed to stabilise the future for the next generation.

“We’re pleased,” are the words of Exxon mobile chief Darren Woods following the announcement of the climate bill. Shell USA claimed it is “a step toward increased energy security and net zero”. But net zero to the fossil fuel industry is simply a means to green wash and nothing more. What do such cryptic statements mean knowing their main bread is the black blood they pump day in, day out?

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