Big red boots: the rubber duck equivalent with laughing power

How far pushed will people go to feel validated and loved?

Hello again social media, sometimes I am dumbfounded by the level of follow the leader style exploits you use to de-broaden creativity thanks to the world of influencer politics.

Astro Boy

There is nothing wilder than the trimmings of a cheese fallen victim to staleness via the consequence of air only to be reused by click bait culture. This is what it has come to – big red boots inspired by the legendary Astro Boy, whose descendants include the variable world of Anime later stolen by the western world, injected with diluted veils of storyline. Unfortunately, the western fashion world seems to have sniffed out an opportunity to cash in on it in the form of melted cheese for cheap hamburgers instead of appreciation.

What more can one say? Make up your own mind, but it is a travesty and a misuse of the creative mind. Great artists may steal, but great artists do it with quality.

If you want to wear the new Crocs, you can buy them (lmao) for £300 (approximately) from February 16th at 11am.

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