Turkey Earthquake: Charlie Hebdo publish hate speech in latest rant

Inflammatory media publication publishes disturbing graphic.

French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo have published a sickening cartoon targeting the victims of the Turkey earthquakes. In a display of blatant hate speech, the paper released a graphic showing a destroyed Turkish building, and a upturned car against the backdrop of rubble. The worst part? An accompanying text which says: ‘There’s no need to send tanks anymore’.

So far, few politicians and publications have called out Charlie Hebdo’s heinous disregard for those suffering as a consequence of such a terrifying natural disaster.

Charlie Hebdo are known for their Islamophobic remarks and have continued to publish hateful content at an astonishing rate. The magazine’s headlines and media have contributed to a surge in events of prejudice and hate crimes against Muslims, south Asians and Arabic people in France and beyond.

The cartoon was posted as their “cartoon of the day”, with thousands of social media users slamming it for its disrespectful tone.

Deaths in Turkey alone have exceeded 20,000 people, with emergency services struggling against an incomprehensible nightmare scenario.

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