Black Thought spits pure poetry in a love letter to Hip-Hop for BET

Noted as the greatest rapper ever by many, Black Thought is the perfect ambassador for the culture.

It is 50 years since the biggest genre spread throughout the veins of radio. In a short film directed by Benny Boom, the prolific wordsmith noted by many as the best ever to push a pen and spit on the microphone delivers a heartfelt verse of stunning proportion with the tone of respect for the culture. ‘Dear Hip-Hop’ is performed in silence with no beat, no music just a simple, yet powerful verse written and performed by The Roots frontman where he spits – “And it’s come to define a legacy more meaningful than just a moment in time. The kind of brilliance we reveal instead of holdin’ inside”.

This is how great Hip-Hop is. No other genre can offer an ecosystem birthed from a musical artform that not only remedies particulates for all forms of storytelling, but also pioneers entire lifestyles, industries and most importantly a way for all to express themselves.

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