No one is enjoying themselves anymore and our digital lives are risking our sanity

Clout chasing is the object of society’s affection, not the activity or interest itself.

Arising from deep sleep to a beautiful sunshine in Morocco’s capital where beams of intense rays percolated the energy within the room, a marvellous site for any weary traveller secreted in the womb of Marrakesh. A stones throw in a stone home from the central pool area in a madina decorated with beautiful architecture and works of art, where birds chirp to an echoe’s song in a place of serenity.

But turn a corner, and there it was, the anomaly…vloggers. Instead of enjoying their hearty breakfast, they took it upon themselves to film their activity without the decency to enjoy it. Fast forward a few years, and such behaviour is commonplace. Are they really enjoying this tedious activity? I doubt it.

No matter what you grow up with there will come a time where you look back in hindsight in amazement for what we enjoyed. Smoking used to be a thing of social binding and now, social media takes its spot.

Our love of digital spaces overrides our love for ourselves

Scrolling is the new smoking – a phrase coined by The Minimalists, is as pertinent as ever considering society’s lack of awareness for the moment. As we have said before, if currency is time, then smartphones and social media are definitely the great train robbers of our epoch.

Never in history has there been such immense access to information to the point we become uninformed and void of our present. Here’s an experiment you can do – venture out for a day, people watch, and count how many times you observe your human peers so absorbed in their devices that they are sucked out from the environment they live in.

There is far more on offer in today’s world, but far too much for too many. The beauty of individualism has been swept up into a cargo of shopping for a trend to suit personal needs for clout. And with that, trends have died due to the nature of narcissistic pursuits. That is not to say there is something wrong with either, but these interests have been taken on to a superficial degree with no intent to carry it as identity, but rather, intent to discard them when the attention span deems it boring and/or uninteresting to their followers. Or when they begin to lose them.

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