Homes for Ukraine scheme head wishes for same energy to help Sudanese refugees

Sanctuary Foundation director Dr Krish Kandiah says it is only right to apply the same for Sudanese refugees.

The director of the Homes for Ukraine scheme has voiced his concern for the safety and security of Sudanese people, and for them to be treated with the same courtesy as Ukrainians.

Speaking to the Guardian, Kandiah said: “We’re not asking for unlimited numbers. We’re just asking for equity, that the same opportunity that was given to Ukrainians if they can find a sponsor and a host, can happen to a Sudanese person too”…“The Homes for Ukraine and Ukraine Family scheme have been an incredible success, welcoming over 173,500 refugees to the UK, frequently being hosted in people’s homes. We need to show that same generosity of spirit and open hospitality to people from Sudan.”

SNP MP Stephen Flynn recently asked Prime Minister Rishi Sunak how a Sudanese child could take advantage of routes into the UK, utilising the country’s safe and legal systems. Despite it being a clear question, Sunak responded by saying: “We have invested almost £250 million in humanitarian support in Sudan over the past five years.”

Whataboutery has been a topic of late since the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with many calling out double standards when it comes to the care and security of Ukrainian refugees over that of anywhere else. One petition launched has reached nearly 27,000 signatures and calls for a scheme to assist anyone arriving from Sudan, though talk public conversation has been lacking in comparison.

Refugees fleeing conflict have not seen the same help and are often met with xenophobic and racist rhetoric and attacks by both far-right groups and the public.

Photo credit: Wagdy Fahmi

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