‘Apologies’ By King No One Bears A Ballad Of Unapologetic Emotion

Indie pop group return with a well thought out song.

King No One follow up their recent effort ‘Obsolete’ with their latest offering ‘Apologies’, where they slide a work of quality to those experiencing the same.

The group said: “Apologies’ is about the shackles that strong feelings can give you. You are bound to love and you are helpless in controlling the feelings involved. Sometimes it’s easier to not love, and be free. The emotion and honesty in the vocals however, prove that to love and to feel is far greater than the supposed freedom of not loving.”

Its charming guitar work and monotonous tone bears fruits to the listener, through a musical aesthetic that delivers the helplessness of love through a stand up delivery.

The group recently announced a 2021 Autumn tour for the UK and Europe.

Apologies’ is out today on all platforms.

Photo credit: Juan Antonio Garcia

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