Brandon Cronenberg’s ‘Inifinity Pool’ looks beautifully befouling in new trailer

He’s not following in his father’s footsteps, but perhaps treading his own.

Set within an all-inclusive holiday resort on the island of La Tolqa, a fictional location hiding a depraved community of sybaritic tourism, Cronenberg’s latest movie appears to be emphatically laced with psychologically torturing imagery.

Starring Alexander Skarsgård and Mia Goth, the film is directed by Brandon Cronenberg, son of David Cronenberg who is known for iconic movies including ‘The Fly‘, ‘Videodrome‘, ‘The Dead Zone‘ and ‘Naked Lunch‘.

Featuring a variety of practical effects (finally!) the trailer showcases close-up shots of lung-sucking scenes of murder, cloning and dimly lit compositions that give off the impression that it is a reflection of the nature of excessive wealth and absurdity. Full of sadistic ideas and bone-chilling ambiguity, it feels as though this will be no ordinary sci-fi horror.

The film will premiere at the Sundance film festival on January 22nd, but distributor ‘NEON‘ has not published a global release date, though it isn’t a stretch to assume it will release shortly thereafter.

Watch the trailer:

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